How to Become an Effective Teacher? Use the following guidelines

Teaching is a noble task that requires men and women who are passionate in teaching. High performance has always been of great importance to any teacher who has the interest of students at heart. A teacher wishing to see his/her students excel in academics, will keep monitoring the student progress every time and trying to fix the problems which the students may be having.

As earlier said, teaching is a noble task and requires passion. Anybody with passion in teaching will always strive to ensure that the students are well catered for and at the same time strive to be an effective and efficient teacher that he/she can be. In this article, we are going to show you a number of thing that you need to do in order for you to be effective and efficient in your teaching area. The following can save your teaching profession a great deal and make you enjoy teaching.

  • Keep Reading

Learning is always a continous process. Its only in teaching where professionals learn everyday. As much as you have read and internalized the content in your subject area, there is need for you continue learning and making sure that you are learning new things everyday that will build and enrich you with more information in your subject area. This will enable you to make your explanations in class as easier as possible for students to grasp a concept more easily. This will also help you make use of the locally available materials which will enable learners to understand the concepts with alot of ease.

  • Be Punctual

Punctuality is highly regarded if you want to become an effective teacher. Arriving in class some 10 minutes after the lesson has started is unprofessional and this will make you lose confidence with the students as students will perceive you not to have adequate content.  Arriving in class some five minutes earlier before the end of the lesson will enable you cover a huge junk of content that will enable you complete the syllabus in time and give you more time to revise with your learners.

  • Prepare for the lesson and lesson notes before attending your lesson

We do appreciate the fact that teachers in some schools are digital and they can afford notes in soft copy. But this is not a guarantee that you don’t prepare your lesson notes. Preparing lesson notes enables you to familiarize yourself with the content which you might have forgotten and this will surely build your confidence while in class because you are sure of what you are teaching.

Preparing for a lesson earlier also enables you to select the right method of teaching that you will use while teaching students in your class depending on the categories you have if individual differences is a factor to consider while teaching.

  • Make yourself available

Many teachers always dash home immediately the games time bell goes. This hinders the students from consulting as their teacher is gone and they have nobody to consult. As a teacher who is focussed and dreams well of his/her students, always spare some time for your learners out of the classroom time for consultations and attending to weak students. This will motivate the learners and make them believe that the teacher wants them to perform better in his subject area. Through sparing some time in the evening for your learners, will not only build confidence in your learners but also jumpstart your learners to greater heights in terms of performance in your subject.

  • Specialize in Your area where you believe you are best in.

In some schools, some teachers are burdened to teach subjects which they are not trained on due to a deficit in the number of teachers in that particular school. This always drains teachers and they lack adequate time to prepare for the other lessons. If you are intending to be effective teach a maximum of two subjects and those in which you are trained on. This will give you enough time to prepare for a lesson more adequately and deliver more effectively.

In some schools, teachers only specialize in one subject which they concentrate on enriching them with more experience in the subject area.



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