How to change University of admission and course selected through KUCCPS Portal

After receiving your admission details you may feel like the university and the course you have been admitted for is not the right one. This juggles with your mind where you would wish to make changes and select the university of your choice and the course of your choice.

In the past, when we had Joint Admission Board (JAB), it was not easy for you to change the university which you have been selected. But with the advent of KUCCPS, it’s now possible for you to change the university which you have been admitted to any university of your choice.

There are various reasons why you may not have been placed in the course of your choice or the university of your choice, this is either the course you applied was very competitive or the university you selected had a full capacity in the course you had applied.

KUCCPS now allows you to make your final selection of the university you need to join. This is possible since not all universities have their capacities filled 100%.  There are only five universities which can not accept your request which include, Kabarak, KCA, Daystar, Tiara and TUK. All other universities can accept your request and give you a chance.

Procedure on how to apply for inter University transfer

  1. Visit the KUCCPS Portal HERE and log in.
  2. After logging in, click on the transfer tab at the top of the your window
  3. Select the Programme and in the inter- institution transfer field input the programme code of your choice.
  4. Give a reason as to why you wish to transfer. This reason should be satisfactory and it’s mandatory for to provide it.
  5. After filling in the form correctly, download and print it.
  6. Send the duly filled form to the institution you wish to transfer to for endorsement and acceptance. Once they accept you, take the form to your initial university do that they can release you from there. After this, send it to KUCCPS for your new admission letter. You will be required to pay Ksh. 1000 to Mpesa paybill no. 820201

For any enquiry, you can contact the placement service through the number 0205137400, 0723954927 and 0734879662. You can also reach them via the email [email protected]

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