How To Change Your TSC Salary Pay point

Teachers Service Commission, TSC, releases your salary through preferred/selected bank or SACO. For the teacher to receive monthly salary he/she should have a bank/SACO account. The commission gets these details after filling the TSC Bank form.

The TSC Bank form is filled when the teacher is first employed and sent to the head office along with other documents; After TSC Interview. A teacher may wish to change the pay point at any time.

How to Change TSC Salary Pay-Points for Teachers
You can change your paypoint as many times as you want. In order to transfer your salary to the new bank/sacco account, you will need to;

1. First of all download the TSC Bank Form and take a print out of it.

2. Fill the paypoint form correctly and get it attested by your Principal / Head Teacher. TSC County or Deputy County Director signs the principal/head teacher’s bank form.

3. Photocopy both sides of your new Bank/SACO account plate (ATM card). This is the new account where you want your salary to be included. Make sure the copy is clear and should also be attested by your headmaster/head teacher.

4. Attach your attested bank plate copy and national ID copy to the filled TSC Bank form.

5. Finally, send the documents to TSC Headquarters (enclosed in an envelope and addressed to Secretary TSC, PO Private Bag, Nairobi).

Please do not close your current account until the salary starts flowing from the new account. This will cause your salary to bounce back. Some teachers sitting in a hurry to close old accounts have gone without pay for several months.

If TSC Payroll has ceased and you have closed your old account and your application for a pay point change is not effected, your local bank or SACCO returns the pay to TSC. The process is lengthy and involves a lot of bureaucracy.

Firstly, the temporary salary is refunded back to the Bank/SACCO Head Office. After rigorous scrutiny, the Bank/SACCO returns the salary to the TSC Headquarters. And this is done through written inquiry which takes a long time to be processed.

So, the next time you want to change your pay point, it is wise to be patient enough and not rush to close the current account. Wait for around 3-4 months and if the salary is being sent to your bank account without any hitch, consider closing the old account.

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