How to Create New TSC TPAD Account For Self Appraisal

The Teachers Service Commission introduced a tool known as TPAD that is meant to evaluate a teacher’s performance in accordance to the set standards.

The teachers code of regulations of 2015 in section 52 states that the commission in administering the performance appraisal system shall;

1. Require oversight role from the heads of institutions in performance appraisal of the teachers in their institutions.

2. Use the appraisal reports in promotions, deployment and any reward as it may be dictated from time to time.

3. Identify training gaps and take corrective measures in cases of unsatisfactory performance.

4. Develop and review criteria, guidelines and tools for performance appraisal from time to time which shall be accessible in the commission’s website or as the commission may advice.

How to create a TPAD Portal

Follow the following steps in creating a TPAD account:

1. Click on to access the new account creation portal

2. Fill all the fields as shown below

3. Click on “create Account” once you are done

4. Success message is shown and you will receive SMS token on your Phone within a short Time.

5. Enter this code received and click on Verify Token. Once you verify, then the registration process is complete.

How to add your Bio Data

In the next level, you are required to add your education level and your subject combination. See below how to do that;

(a) Add your institution information and contact information.

(b) Select on subject combination and add the subjects you are teaching, then click on submit when you are done.

(c) Click on Level of education to add your KCSE grade, your highest level of education and the institution you studied then click on submit.

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