How to Download a P9 form to be used in filing returns for TSC employed teachers

As we know that many teachers employed by TSC are on with the process of filing the returns for the year 2020, Most of the teachers have experienced a lot problems in accessing their p9 forms that will enables them in filing the returns due to the latest updates and changes on the Tpay system.

To access the T-pay, you first need to have installed a browser of your choice. But in this case the most recommended browser is chrome that enables maximum security to your private content like passwords.

step 1. On your chrome browser enter the URL- and click search. After loading you will land to a tpay page as shown below.

Step 2– In the username section key in your Tsc number e.g. 456781and your password as xxxxx and click on login

Step 3. After clicking on the login you will be redirected to the teacher’s tpay dashboard that contains the information about you, like personal details, employment details, latest payslips, latest p9, my transactions e.t.c

Step4. On your top left corner of the dashboard click on the three horizontal bars that will direct you to a page  as shown below

Step5. From the tpay menu system click on the view p9(s). The following page open up as below and choose the year you wish to get the p9.

After choosing the year the p9 for year will be displayed as shown below

Step6. Click on on print so that you can be able to download it as a soft copy in form of a PDF or print it as an hard copy. Sometimes you may take a screenshot of the same and use it to file returns.

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