How to download form one 2021 admission letters

It is important to note that high schools do not send admission letters to students. Department of Education provided a simple online platform where form one 2021 students will easily download their admission letters. Reporting date for the first form 2021 will be in July.
To download your letter follow these steps:
1. Go to: One Form 2021 Admission Letter for National Schools, One Form 2021 Admission Certificate for Extra County Schools and one 2021 District School Submission Form
2. Select the region and sub-region where KCPE resides and key in your reference number and submit.
3. Click on the link called “letter of acceptance” at the bottom of the page to get a copy of your login.
4. Use the printer icon to print or download the icon to download to your computer.
5. Get your primary school principal to approve the book and seal it in the space provided.
ߪ. Finally, present the acceptance and certified copy of the birth certificate
The first online form to join the orders
Once the student has downloaded the acceptance letter for the first 2021 form, the next thing is to go through the details and prepare
enough to exercise.

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