How to Request For Form One Transfer Before Reporting Date

After the ministry of education has released the form one placements, some parents may not be comfortable with the schools their children have been admitted to. This calls for these parents to seek new admission in their preferred schools.
Since the education CS had earlier indicated that parents will not be allowed to seek for admission individually from schools of their choice, then this means that parents will be required to make their transfer requests right from the NEMIS portal. The ministry said that it will only recognize students with admission letters which tally with those in the NEMIS Portal.
Since the education ministry had sent a circular to school heads warning them against offering students letters out of the NEMIS portal, this shows that school heads will not jeopardize their job to offer any child a calling letter out of the NEMIS. Therefore school heads would like to request for placement of those in need of vacancies in a certain school through the school’s NEMIS portal. This will also depend whether the ministry will accept to place those students in that school or not. Therefore, if the ministry turns down the offer, the child will have no option other than to report to the school where he/she was initially placed.
The procedure below gives the guideline on how to place your request via School’s NEMIS portal.

Note: Requests can only be placed by the school where you would like your child to be admitted. Therefore, you will be required to visit the school where you want to request for the vacancy.


1. Visit the NEMIS portal at

2. Log in using institution’s the username and password.

3. Once you have logged in, select the learners tab and then click on ADMIT STUDENT or capture request from the drop down list.

4. Enter the learner’s index number/ UPI into the ‘SEARCH’ box and press ‘check’.The learner’s details including index number, name, gender, marks and school the student has been placed will be displayed.

5. Click on ADMIT if the learner’s details indicate that the student is admitted in the school. A new interface will be displayed, then enter the UPI number and birth certificate number the press on ADMIT.

6. The admission message will be displayed on the screen if the request is successful

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