How to Spend Holidays With Your Children

Parenting teenagers sometimes can be a bit costly. It takes courage and time to analyse the life of a teenager to ascertain what he/she likes, what she/he does and the kind of friends he/she hangs out with. Its Your responsibility as a parent to teach your child the right way he/she should follow for her success in academics and life in general.

Students closed school two weeks ago and they still have a junk of five weeks of Holiday, for example. This holiday is super long and at some point can be boring and can make a student indulge in illegal activities that can land him/her in trouble. Therefore this calls for a parent to ensure that his/her daughter is engaged in some activities that are productive as far as general growth and academic improvement is concerned.

There are so many activities that your child can engage in that will be really productive and that can give your child an exciting experience throughout the holiday. These activities include;

  1. Learn something New Daily

Enriching yourself with knowledge everyday is important. At some point your daughter might have wanted to complete a certain reading but because of some limitations and lack of time in school, she was not able to accomplish. Therefore this holiday is an ideal time that your child can use to complete that task and by so doing, enrich him/herself with knowledge.

This is the time your child will learn a new language or an instrument which he/she feels excites him/her.

2. Educate Yourself

Its not necessary for your daughter or son to be in school for her to learn, your child can easily do what she was to do if at all she was in school.

Engage your child in the holiday tuition either in Your house or in a common place where other students are learning. You can also buy her any book that your child needs for revision purposes

Your child can also educate herself basic skills like writing and typing.

3. Relax and De-stress yourself

After all, holiday is meant for a student to relax from the school work since its tiresome sometimes. Therefore, allow your child to treat herself well over this holiday in order to relax calm the mind from the stress of studying. But as much as there is enjoyment and celebration during this period, limit your child on the outings and parties that he/she may intend to attend as some of them may be dangerous to your child. Also take a close watch on what your child is watching on TV or smartphone since pornography has really messed many children. Therefore, allow the child to De-stress her/himself from his/her daily schedule and let her have fun during excursions

4. Improve Physical heallth/fitness

Remember during school, your child has a very tight schedule like waking up as early as 3 a.m to prepare for morning preps and class. During the day, the child has limited time to exercise while in school. Therefore, this marks an ideal time to allow you child sleep well, exercise regularly and eat healthy. This will keep your child active even when the child will embark to school. This improves also your child’s physical and mental health.

5. Take a New Hobby

Since the holiday is long, your child may feel bored and restless. This is the time you should allow your child to pick a new Hobby that will activate him/her. The hobbies may be gardening, Juggling, Dancing, life skills and even debate. This will activate his/her mood during the holiday.

6. Join a Book Club or library.

Your child might have wanted to read something but due to inadequate time in school, he/she was not able to do it. Therefore this time is ideal for your child to join a public library to do his/her reading.

The best way your child can spend this holiday is by reading good books whether they interest him/her or not. This may be fiction, crime, romance and even History.

The above list will help your child spend his/her holiday productively without getting bored even if the holiday is long. Therefore, encourage your child to follow the above activities as they will improve his/her development in day to day stay at home. May God bless us all as we juggle through this Holiday.

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