How Universities Shared The 2020 Candidates Slots

Kenyatta University, Maseno University, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, University of Nairobi and Mount Kenya University have been allocated the highest number of students this year.

According to data from the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) released yesterday, Kenyatta University got 6,733 students, Maseno University (6,659), Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (6,529), University of Nairobi (6,407) while Mount Kenya University got a total of (5,489) students.

Other universities that received the bulk of students include Egerton (4,039), Kisii (4,600), Masinde Muliro (3,893), Chuka (4,133) and Pwani (3,255).

A total of 128,073 students were placed into various degree programmes. Mama Ngina University College, a constituent of Kenyatta University, got the least students (60).

Universities had declared 167,046 vacancies, but only 18,822 places were placed competitively, meaning many students had applied for the courses.

Among private institutions, Mount Kenya University was allocated the highest number of students, followed by Catholic University of East Africa (2,691), KCA University (2,724) and Kabarak University (2,157).

Most universities did not meet the capacity of slots they had declared.

Only Daystar University received 100 per cent of the slots they had declared. Riara University came second at 99.57 per cent, Multimedia University at 99.50 per cent and African Nazarene University at 98.28 per cent.

Daystar University had declared a capacity of 780 students and received 781, Riara University declared 230 slots and received 229, Multimedia University declared 1,450 slots and received 1,444 students while Africa Nazarene declared 580 slots and received 570 students.

As for newly established institutions, Amref International University, which had declared 100 slots, received 71 students while Mama Ngina University College, which had declared 90 slots, got 60 students.

Turkana University, which had declared a total of 1,130 slots, only received 518 students, representing 45.84 per cent while Kiriri Women’s University of Science and Technology, which had declared 700 slots, received only 320 students.

Great Lakes University of Kisumu had declared 2,550 slots but only got 224 students, representing 8 per cent while Taita Taveta University, which had declared 1,795 slots, received only 524 students, representing 29 per cent.

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