I was Inspired by the movie “THE KILLING OF DARK EVE BY PSYCHOTIC”. The University Student who Killed his Family Confesses

Lawrence Warunge a 22 yr IT student at MKU confesses to have killed His father – a USA based Nurse- Nicholas warunge, His Mum- Anne wanjiku ,Younger Bro , A farm worker- James kinyanjui, and a young cousin aged 13 yrs.
Lawrence remarked that he had watched a horror thriller film called the THE KILLING OF DARK EVE BY PSYCHOTIC,”

He Came into the compound on Tuesday night found the farm hand hit him on the head stabbed the chest and slit his throat left him dead .He then proceeded to main house entered through the rear door because he had the key.

Hit the mum with blunt metal bar on the back head who became unconscious!! Then he stabbed her chest severally to puncture the heart lungs liver and spleen. He then slit the throat to ensure she is slaughtered dead.
The mum had a younger son aged 12yrs whom he did the same!!! Hit on the head stabbed the chest severally and slit the throat.

The young cousin who ran in the kitchen saw the terrifying incident ran back into the bed room hid himself under the bed was followed flushed out of the bed despite him kneeling and pleading for mercy Lawrence Warunge Hit him on the head he became unconscious and then stubbed the chest over ten times perforating the lungs heart liver and spleen then slit his throat.
He went upstairs the horrified father saw him jumped over the balcony. The young man hot pursued him Hit him on the head Stabbed the chest over 30 times and slit the throat. He then fled the scene with their mobile phones to Maimahiu that night to a bed sitter HSE he had rented a few days ago at the IDP centre in Maimahiu.
He dumbed the blood soaked clothes shoes 9″ ” double edged knife and metal club in the toilet.

When he was arrested on Saturday morning in Gikuyu he lead detectives to Maimahiu where the murder weapons , Crushed mobile phones and the house keys were recovered.

The Boy was found with a young lady they were cohabiting with who is also in custody.

The Motive of the killing is that his parents were satanists and didn’t like him!!!! I wonder what of the 2 young lives and a farm hand he killed Were they also satanists?

In church today we cried to God over our kids- surely.

•Our kids are interacting with wrong people.
•watching wrong films and movies in wee hours.
• Using drugs.

We are paying fees for some yet if not checked they may turn into dangerous criminals.
Imagine A son murdering siblings this way !
When the mother saw him come in she thought it was as usual yet he had come to murder not one but all of them.
The boy claimed his motive was to kill the entire family but luckily two of his other siblings had gone to boarding schools on that Tuesday day time!!!!!

Let’s not just pumper and set loose our kids! But constantly remember them daily in prayers.

Paul magu a reknown city lawyer also read a book titled “YOU BELONG TO ME by CAREEN ROSE”.
In the book careen rose accounts episodes of murdering siblings and relatives.
Paul Magu then Murdered his wife and their three children aged 9 years 7 years and 4 years..
He took their bodies in gunny bugs dumbed them in Ruiru coffee plantation and commited suicide their after by jumping onto the road being crushed by mombasa bound coast bus on Mombasa road.
He drove packed near the road with his car doors open he came out acting as trying to stop the bus only to jump on the road being crushed. They found the car with Engine still running.

We must pray for our kids siblings and family members! These are very risky times church. You must pray for your husband, your wife, brothers, parents and cousins! This you must do as a divine duty and calling daily!

When the devil uses these ones to attack us its not easy to escape . since they are part of us.

My message is earnestly and constantly let’s pray for our family members because the devil is up and in our midst and ready to destroy us.

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