Important Information to All 2022/2023 KUCCPS Placed Student Before Admission

University, College & TVETS first-years’ admissions guide:

After the release of Kuccps results, it is time to prepare to enroll in university , colleges or TVET institution and continue your education in order to attain your career ambitions after years of tenacity and hard work in your studies.

N/B : As you prepare for course enrollment it is important to know what takes place on the first day of admittance, What should you do—and what shouldn’t you do, What should you and shouldn’t you carry:

About Join University fb Groups

All the college/ university students have Facebook groups where they discuss about the happenings in the University. Ensure joining such groups since they will give you an idea of what life is like in the University that you will be joining.

About Earlier Fee Payment

Get to know if the university placed require you to make fee payment before the first day of admission or registration or not.

Incase the answer is yes, then it is important that you ensure all the fee is paid and if not, y make plans contact or visit the office of the registrar or dean of students so as to work something out about the same .

About Opening Dates

Try to be aware of opening or reporting dates.

Normally is advisable that you report during the first day of registration , since you will stand a good chance of getting University accommodation.

Just Incase you are lacking school fees it is allowed allowed to defer your studies in writing.

Don’t miss reporting within the first week of registration without informing the university of the challenges you are facing.

You never know, chance might be taken by another student.

About Accommodation

A number of Universities offer on campus accommodation to their students.

Just Incase you are planning to join the university, get to know the accommodation plans of the university. Will it be able to suit you? If not what plans for alternative accommodation are available.

Incase you do not want to reside in University Hostels, then you can make your own arrangements for off-campus accommodation.

About Asking around for advice

Just know that asking for advice while at the university is also crucial for a newly admitted student. Trace the university map and in case you are lost, ask for directions.

Incase you know of any person who studied or studies in the university ask him to share his experience with you.

About Shopping Checklist

Try to buy all that is needed items.


Get to Understand that University / college is not like secondary schools where you will just need basic items of use.

At this level no one is going to inspect your shopping list. Ensure you carry all that you want to serve you.

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