It’s Time To Eject Collins Oyuu From Office After 100 Days of Not performing

Hours have turned to days ,days to weeks and weeks to months since the firebrand Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) former secretary general ,Wilson Sosion called it quits with the Union.

Having set the bar so high ,it was obvious that his would-be replacement ,if not higher than him, should have been his match in terms of wit ,courage and general leadership skills .

Collins Henry Oyuu accented to the KNUT’s top leadership after Sossion’s resignation. Many believed that he would work towards bettering the dilapidated teaching environment.

However ,with at least 100 days in office ,teachers still have nothing to smile about . That however ,is not the saddest thing .

The worst of all is the fact that some ignorant teachers still believe that there is anything good that can come out of this toothless dog Collins Oyuu ,in the days to come.

I’m however reminded of the fact that:

sometimes ,the most difficult thing is to be able to see the most obvious thing.

This best describes the Myopic view of members who still cling to KNUT like a leech does to the butts .

Why Colins Oyuu is a failure.

Historians believe that the past experiences are instrumental in deciding the present and shaping the future . What does history say about Oyuu ?

Collins Oyuu Lacks Objectivity

The man lacked vision in his career path. He never knew what he wanted to become in life .

Oyuu was a seminarian and opted to join Mabanga Senior Seminary but never stayed long before quiting . Were conditions so tight ? Your guess is a good as mine .

A coward

In a clear demonstration of cowardice ,lack of focus and resilience ,he decided to join police service in 1983 but only stayed there for a day .

With just hours of morning runs , he bolted out in pretense of having a bad foot . You and I know that police training needs perseverance and this is what your “leader ” Oyuu lacks .

According to him ,the only alternative “soft” career was teaching and that’s how he ended up in Kilifi’s Shanzu Teachers Training College ,as an afterthought but not a priority.

At least one hundred Days in office

Hell broke lose when finally Oyuu got into the office . First , he withdrew all the cases that teachers had lodged against the employer ,with a view to having their rights respected .

To add salt to the wound ,with the timidity of a pangolin ,he appended his signature to a non-monetary Collective Bargaining agreement that would not benefit teachers fully .

Need I mention the fact that he gave TSC a go ahead to roll out a very hectic and expensive Teachers Profesional Development Programme (TPD) ,a programme that aims to benefit Nancy Macharia herself ?

If you still expect anything from the so called KNUT secretary general Collins Oyuu ,then a dimwit is an understatement to describe you .

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