Jamhuri Girls High School Burnt To Ashes After Fire Outbreak

A dormitory at Jamhuri High School in Nairobi was on Sunday evening destroyed by fire.

The dormitory that was burnt houses more than 300 students. The cause of the fire is still unknown.

First responders including fire fighters and police officers have arrived at the institution.

So far, no injuries were reported. 

This comes amid calls for thorough investigation into the recent surge in school fires experienced in public secondary schools.

Almost five public secondary schools witnessed fire incidences across the country last week.

They include Maranda High, Kakamega High, Mwala Girls, Nyamira Boys and Nambale High.

Each of the 2,200 students at Kakamega School has been ordered to pay Sh9,823 before being allowed to report back to school starting November 15.

In a memo dated November 11, the school estimated the cost of rebuilding the burnt infrastructure at Sh12.1 million; cost of double decker beds at Sh4.1 million; CCTV installation at Sh695,000 and cost of damaged items for 560 students at Sh4.5 million.

Senators last week summoned Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha to discuss the wave of fires in schools.

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