July TSC Mass Recruitment: TSC intern Teachers will Not Be confirmed

As teachers await the mass recruitment of July 2021, let us learn that there will be enough vacancies to hold the large number of teachers in question.

Earlier the government had announced that it would hire 28,000 teachers this year to address the 100% transition. The TSC is awaiting allocation in the 2021 financial year for recruitment as soon as early July before the inclusion of first-form students.
There are currently about 8000 classroom teachers in both primary and secondary schools. 6000 teachers were hired by 2021 while two thousand were the remaining top students of 2020 who were unlucky to get a job in December 2020.

If the government ever plans to hire more than 20,000 teachers, it is expected that more and more teachers will be given priority in directing the full-time TSC and permanent pensions. Certainly if the commission were to do that there would be enough vacancies for all BOM teachers.
Unfortunately, from reliable sources within the TSC, it has been revealed that with fairness and equity in performing recruitment work, vocational teachers will not receive a definite guarantee. This is because some are newly graduated students and yet there are others who are graduates too long and in need of consideration. However, they will have increased their profits by 10 marks by working as teachers.

In the meantime let us pray and hope that the government will fulfill its promise to hire a large number of teachers.

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