KCSE 2020; KUCCPS Application For First Revision And Second Revision Procedure

KCSE 2020 results are about to be announced and soon students will be joining different universities and colleges in the country.

Some candidates had done the first application through the school but some failed to so .This should not worry any candidate.

After the announcement of the results students who never applied the courses for the first time will be allowed to do so. Those who feel they have not met the requirements for particular courses they choose earlier will be allowed to revise.

This is how you will be able to apply the courses online.

You will log in to the students portal-http://students.kuccps.net/- by using your KCSE Index Number and KCSE Year. You can either use your Birth Certificate Number or KCPE Index Number as your password.

Student Login Portal

One will only be allowed to apply for a course whose minimum requirements are met(cut off points)

You will view the available programmes and their requirements by clicking the tab written program in the portal. If u want to search for courses offered by an institution go to the institution tab and it will bring out all the courses offered by the institution you were searching for.

As you choose the programmes, the ones you have decided on can be moved into the course basket in the portal time help you work with a shorter list.
Once you have decided on the courses you can enter the programme codes in the tab written Application/Revision to finalise the application process.

For application to go through one has to pay a fee. Students applying for first time are required to pay 1500 while those doing revision Ksh 1000.

To pay the business number is 820201 and the account number is KCSE year followed by KCSE Index Number for instance if the year is 2019 and insect number is 425725101139 then account number will be 201942725101138.

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