KDF Takes Over KMTC Management Following A Corruption Row

It seems there is rampant corruption in KMTC. The once best medical institution in East Africa could soon collapse if the president does not act swiftly to fix the leak.


Perhaps the crisis started when a certain politician was made the boss of the KMTC. He decided to use the institution as a campaign tool. He opened the campus like a mushroom. It is alleged that he also opened colleges in those places where there was no dispensary. Some of the money used to open these premises was not received from the executive through the right channels.


Now it is coming to the fore that the Kuria complex may also be closed. The campus then collected cash directly from the reporting students. The money collected was never kept in the bank nor is it reflected in the student’s accounts.


Auditor General Nancy Gathungu has said the chances of recovery of every penny are slim. It is strange that such a large institution is still receiving cash payments.

Who has killed our huge institution? Who will save KMTC?

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