Kisii School KCSE Results 2020 And Grade Distribution

kisii School is located in Kisii County, Nyanza Province. The school is the only boys National school in Kisii county. The school for year now has maintained high performance standards appearing the top 50 schools nationally every year.

In the just released KCSE Results, the school managed to produce the second best Special needs students nationally with a mean mark of 83.566. The school registered a candidature of 463, but despite the high number, the school managed to attain a mean score of 9.0216 in the KCSE 2020. This showed a positive deviation from the previous year’s performance of 0.729 as it had scored a mean of 8.381 in 2019.

Among the total National A plains, the school contributed 12 A plains and 97 A- Minuses. Of the total candidature of 463, 420 candidates will secure vacancies in the universities this year.

Grade Distribution For Kisii School

Grade distribution for Kisii School

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