KNEC Has Revealed When To pay Examiners; Explains Why It has not Paid It’s Examiners

The Kenya National Examination Council, a body which hires examiners to participate in the marking exercise has terribly failed the examiners.

The contracted professionals performed their responsibilities with decorum by ensuring that set time for releasing the 2020 KCSE was met.

Unfortunately, even after the teachers engaging in strenuous activities of marking they are yet to receive their dues.

The Kenya Examination council seems to have forgotten these noble officers even after they engaged in go-slows in various marking centers.

Teachers demands have been completely ignored! Many teachers have tried to reach the examination body through writing but all has been in vain.

It is indeed sad because, the Treasury always allocate a lot of money for invigilation, supervision, marking until the final day of releasing the results

The Minister of Education, Professor George Magoha should intervene this situation or else teachers will completely paralyze next year marking exercise

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