KNEC User Manual for Transfer of a Learner in the CBA Portal

To transfer a learner to another school, use the simplified procedure below;


Step 1: Log into the Knec CBA portal by visiting the link; After login, Click on Transfer Learner tab as shown in the image below;


Step 2: Enter the Learner’s name or assessment number as shown in the figure below. As you type, the learners matching the name typed will appear.


Step 3: Click on Select if the learner to transfer is found.

NB: Make sure to check the name and current school code before selecting.


Step 4: Enter the School Code to transfer to here. Ensure that the code entered belongs to a school in your sub county.


Step 5: Once the school appears, click on Select to select the destination school;


Step 6: Click on Transfer This Learner to move the learner from the current school to the destination school.

After clicking on transfer this learner, a prompt asking if you want to proceed appears as shown below.

Step 7: Click OK to complete the transfer. The system will show this message if the transfer is successful.

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