KNUT Bars Secondary School Teachers From Union In Secret Deal With TSC

After the Kenya National Union Of Teachers ( KNUT ) talks with the Teachers Service Commission, details have emerged that the commission has offered the union a raw deal which will see the high school teachers locked out of the the union.

Sources from the Nation indicated that the new leadership entered into a deal with the commission which will see their powers and operations crippled.

The report seen from the daily Nation on Thursday indicates that the union had entered into a deal with the Teachers Service Commission in mid July that was meant to bar all high school teachers from participating in the union activities and decision making.

From the deal with TSC, it also bars school heads both in primary and secondary schools from joining the union in whatever capacity.

The union which is under the new leadership of Collins Oyuu, has also committed to reduce its branches from 110 countrywide to just 47 in the deal.

From the deal quoted from the publication, it read, ” Parties mutually agree that headteachers and or a teacher in an acting capacity of a headteacher shall not be a member of the union,”.

“Member refers to a primary school teacher who who does not fall under the defined category of any other union and have successfully subscribed to the union”.

The union had earlier signed an agreement on promotion of teachers based on the career progression Guidelines ( CPGs).

The stalemate between KNUT and TSC started from the union’s refusal to observe the Career Progression Guidelines as a form of promotion but maintained the scheme of work is the the determining factor.

Later member started walking out of the union in droves, reducing the membership from 187,000 to 15,000 members which in turn impacted on its revenue from sh. 144 million to sh. 11 million.

In an agreement signed between the two parties on July 13th, the KNUT Secretary General indicated to have signed a non-monetary Collective Bargaining Agreement  which is expected to review salary pay rise in a year’s time.

In the agreement signed, teachers were to enjoy some non-monetary benefits which included maternity extension period.

The meeting that was scheduled by the teachers service commission at safari park was attended by the teachers unions including KNUT, KUPPET and KUSNET.


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