KNUT Directs IEBC To Register Students As Voters In The Ongoing Voter Registration Exercise

Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) Mwingi branch Executive Secretary Michael Mbutu has called upon leaders to link up with Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) in order to register boarding school students with Identification cards as voters.

Speaking at an event in Mwingi, Mbutu said that there were students who had attained 18 years and have Identification Cards with them but do not have the voter’s cards.

He noted that IEBC and leaders should organize how those students will register as voters with the help of their teachers. He also called upon day scholars who have 18 years and above to register as voters as well.

When you check keenly you will observe that Ukambani is lagging behind in terms of voter registration. In fact, we are appearingamong the last ten counties with low voter registration,” he lamented.

Mbutu further noted that it was an issue of concern, urging leaders to be more of concern, urging leaders to be more concerned since its through registration that determines allocation of devolved funds.

He observed that through registration the counties get enough bargaining power and in absence of that then it becomessomething to worry about.

“Leaders make sure that you have sensitized the locals accordingly. No one should be left out without registering as a voter when they have attained the right age of voting,”he added.

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