KNUT has urged the government and the ministry of Education to Revise down the entry Requirements to Teacher Training Colleges

The deputy secretary general in the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) has urged the ministry of education and the government to review the entry requirements into Diploma in Primary Teacher Education ( PTE) and Early Childhood Development Teacher Education ( ECDTE).

He argued that to avoid the current challenges, the government and the qualifications authority should scale down the entry grade to C- citing that grade C plain will discourage many applicants which will result in reduction of those interested in teaching profession.

He also argued that setting the requirements at C plain, it will create competition with other courses which students are guaranteed of a job immediately after graduation like medical and technical courses.

Earlier on the ministry released an advert calling for applications from students who sat for KCSE and scored a mean grade of C Plain with C plain in mathematics, Language, humanity and Science. Those candidates with disabilities were allowed to join the course with a mean grade of C- minus with C- minus in the above cluster subjects.

The KNUT has termed to these requirements as higher than the course itself and has urged the qualifications authority to scale down these requirements in order to attract more students.

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