KNUT Secretary General Reaffirms Support for Mandatory Retraining of Teachers Amid Protests From Teachers

The Kenya National Union of Teachers has reaffirmed its support for compulsory retraining of teachers.


This is despite protests from a section of teachers over the training initiated by the Teachers Service Commission.


Collins Oyuu, Secretary General, reiterated the need for employer training and development on Tuesday, noting a lot of false claims that surround the recently launched program.


Instead, Oyuu has challenged the TSC to provide information about a re-training program to quell the ongoing protest.


“While a lot is being said about teacher professional development, some say that teachers will be required to travel for training, this is not entirely true,” Oyuu said.


He has called for stakeholder engagement and teacher service commission to address the issues raised in the programme.



Under the training, teachers of government schools will now have to renew their professional certificates after every five years.


Under the new policy, teachers will have to undergo in-service professional training lasting five years, after which they will get their certificates renewed.



At the end of each module, teachers will be given a number of points which are yet to be made public.


Professional development will last 30 years and consists of six modules lasting five years each.



The teachers will have to pay Sh. 6,000 for each year and the training will be conducted during the holidays.


Kenyatta University, Mount Kenya University, Riyara and Kenya Institute of Education Management will be responsible for the training.

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