KPLC Token Delay affecting purchases, Bill payment, Banking Hall operations and other transactions

Kenya Power Company, best known for its NSE ticker KPLC, has issued a statement stating that the volatility of its prepaid system and other services has worsened.

A statement issued on Monday, April 16, at noon indicated that the failure of the program had affected the performance of its customer care services.

The hitch started on Sunday evening, April 25 and barred customer transactions in many locations including token purchases and payment of debts.

On Monday morning, the KPLC initially indicated that the matter had been resolved and was only delayed due to increased demand. Two hours later, the company announced that the problem had continued and affected all of its customer care services.

“We have a technical problem that has affected our business since yesterday evening.

“This hitch prohibits customer transactions including billing inquiries, token purchases and payment of debts,” the statement read in part.

The power distribution company also noted that customer communications via 97771 local telephone telephony were also affected.

Other functions that have been identified by that calculation include * 977 #, social media channels and bank halls.

There was an uproar online and off after some shoppers stayed out of power all night due to a collision with the purchase plan.

Kenya Power explained that the hitch was caused by an increase in transactions leading to delays in the purchase of tokens.

Many Kenyans have been calling for an end to the construction of the power company as many who have tried to buy tokens have been told that ‘the payment agency cannot be found’.

Kenya’s power is the only guaranteed power distributor in the country.

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