KUCCPS Placement: 2020 KCSE Candidates To Pay For Inter-University Transfer

The inter university transfer window has been set at 30 days from the day the placement results were released. The KUCCPS has indicated that candidates who wish to transfer from one college or university to another will be required to pay a sum of Ksh.1000 so as to effect the exercise. This was said yesterday by the Education Cabinet Secretary while releasing the placement results.

The KUCCPS will be the one responsible for the transfer since its the one mandated to ensure that students are placed in their colleges and universities of their choice.

The education ministry indicated that some students may have missed on their dream careers and therefore thay will be offered this chance to join their dream colleges and universities and courses.

Before the students’ transfers are effected, they will have to meet the cut off points for specific program in campuses they intend to transfer to and also give valid and supporting reasons for the transfer. Failure to give substantial reasons for the transfer, you will lose on the transfer applications.

After successful submission of the transfer request, and subsequent approval from either institutions, one will have to wait for 14 working days for the process to be effected.

This year’s application process took a new turn where the candidates were accorded with three chances to revise their courses to make sure non of the student is left out.

Candidates will not be allowed to make another application after the transfer exercise is completed since candidates are allowed to submit a single application.

During the application process for the transfer, one will be required to make a single choice of the university and a single course as compared to when they were revising and making four selections.

The KUCCPS CEO, Mercy Wahome, some candidates went for most competitive degrees which left them with no option other than to miss on placement which is a major shortfall for them.

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