KUPPET Deductions Illegal, Teachers Complain As KNUT And KUSNET are Barred From Collecting Membership Fees

Teachers are protesting following the Kenya Union of Post Primary Education ( KUPPET) deductions citing that the deductions from the union are illegal.

The teachers are accusing the KUPPET for introducing Burial Benevolent Fund (BBF) without prior consultation with the teachers.

The teachers have said that joining the union is voluntary are seeking the Union to clarify the exact amount that the union should be deducted.

Teachers are noting that there is a disparity when it comes to deductions from other teachers. This has come barely a week since the labor ministry barred KNUT and KUSNET from making collecting membership fee from teachers salaries.

Following the legal notice issues by the Cabinet Secretary for Labor Simon Chelungui, KUPPET was granted the mandate to collect monthly fee of Ksh. 300 every month from its members.

KNUT defended itself by saying it had issues that it needed to iron with the Teachers Service Commission ( TSC ) before they resume their monthly deductions.

“Our legal notice regarding union dues is coming over and there should be no cause for alarm,” KNUT Secretary General Collins Oyuu stated. The Labor Relations Act, states that TSC shall remit to KUPPET the amount of money deducted from its employees and affiliation to the union done within ten days.

KUPPET gained an upper hand with the TSC following the existing bad relationship of TSC with KNUT. This bad relationship saw mass exodus from the union.

The giant union, KNUT which had initially 184,715 members dropped to 15,000 members while KUPPET and KUSNET which were recently formed commands now 109,000 and 8,000 members respectively.

KUSNET which represents teachers from special schools was also denied access to teachers fee from their salaries. The Ministry of labor cited that those teachers who are not in any union will have to pay agency fees since they are enjoying membership benefits.

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