KUPPET National Officials Goes Unopposed in the just Concluded Election Via Zoom Today

National Election for Kuppet Kenya scheduled today was conducted via zoom in 30minutes starting 10.00am .

Pursuant to the presidential directive order number two that restricted movement and Political gatherings ,Kuppet Kenya applied through the office of Registrar of trade unions to allow them conduct elections virtually but the registrar declined citing unconstitutionality .Kuppet National officials proceeded to labour relations court for interpretation and sought orders that were granted to have the election on 3rd April through a special delegates conference ,today as planned .All 460 delegates were later invited to attend through zoom .

The labour officer confirmed the following as the only applicants :Milemba Omboko(National Chairman),Lorie Julius(National Vice Chairman)Misori Akello(Secretary General),Nthuriga Moses(Deputy Secretary General),Njenga Wicks(National Treasurer),Tonui Moses(National Assistant Treasurer),Maingi Paul(National organizing secretary),Obwocha Edward(National Secretary Secondary),wambilyanga Catherine(National Secretary Gender ) and Chelangat Sammy (National Secretary Tertiary).In this regard ,the labour commissioner announced all the applicants re-elected unopposed.

County delegates were required to submit their nominations four weeks before election but there is no candidate who presented nomination papers to challenge any National official due to the recent constitutional changes that increased nomination fee from ksh.100,000 to ksh.250,000 .The changes also compels county delegates to first relinguish their current positions before submitting their nomination papers to be elected at national level , a clause that barred most delegates from joining the race and challenge the incumbent office bearers.

After re-election,the National Chairman Mr Omboko Milemba addressed the delegates and thanked all the delegates for witnessing an historic moment for Kuppet union as election went virtual . The chairman further indicated that the union wants to deliver a class room teacher based collective bargaining agreement in 60days . Secretary General Mr Akello Misori promised to commit and work on teacher issues including but not limited to; insurance of teachers ,better representation on disciplinary issues ,improve working conditions,better renumeration.

“There are several calls for constitutional amendments” noted the National Chairman Mr Omboko Milemba ,he retaliated that Kuppet constitution is members owned and they are ready to receive any amendments that can be effected in the next annual delegates conference .Omboko proceeded to state that the Constitutional amendments meant to better union operations are welcome.

Kuppet Kenya becomes the first in Kenya to vote virtually and it’s success today forms a precedent for several unions and other organizations.

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