Latest Salary, Allowances For Newly Employed Teachers

Teachers have been spending a lot of time on the streets for years to get better pay from the government.

The current TSC upgradation of teachers led to the elimination of some job groups and the merger of others.

Under the new system of grading tutors, the grade formerly known as P1, which was under job group G, was dropped and replaced with grade B5.

This grade was designated as the new entry grade for all teachers at the primary school level.

The Teachers Service Commission, TSC, pays a minimum of 34,955 shillings in basic salary per month to a newly employed graduate teacher in Kenya. Such a teacher belongs to Grade C2 (formerly Job Group K) and their job title is Secondary Teacher II.

Apart from the basic pay, you are also given allowances. You will receive Sh5,000 in commuter allowance per month for C2 teachers.

Leave allowance is paid only once in a year at the rate of 6,000 per annum. The house allowance is paid monthly at the rate of 16,500 shillings to 7,000 shillings.

As prescribed in the TSC appointment letter, the newly employed teacher remains on probation for a period of at least six months. In some cases, the probation period may be extended if the performance of the teacher is unsatisfactory.

After three years of service, you will automatically be promoted to job group L; Currently known as Grade C3. This is after you have filled the TSC Promotion Form.

TSC also plans to hire 4,000 more intern teachers to meet the targeted 6,000 interns in January. In July, the commission had announced a focus on recruiting 6,000 teachers on internship contracts.

The government’s initiative to cushion the youth recruited 2,000 teachers. TSC will now try to counter the shortfall by announcing more vacancies.

This comes at a time when lakhs of unemployed teachers are now scrambling for limited internship openings as TSC has made it the only sure way to get a permanent job.

Unemployed teachers have been locked in stiff competition for 1038 internship vacancies available in primary schools and 957 vacancies for secondary schools when interviews are called in the latest recruitment drive.

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