List Of 2020/2021 KNEC Examiners, Travel Arrangements And Reporting Dates

The Kenya National Examinations Council (Knec) has launched a listing of chosen instructors who will be marking this year’s Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE). According to the listing Chief Examiners and other pinnacle degree assessors will file to the marking centres as from April 4, 2021 so as to coordinate the marking schemes. Due to the stringent Covid19 policies that bar intercounty motion (and which have an effect on Nairobi) will be transpoted to Nairobi in pools after receiving extraordinary passes.
“The Kenya National Examinations Council will start out a confidential National exercising that will involve officers (Knec Examiners) from your county between 4th April and 10th May 2021 in establishments in Nairobi and its environs. In liaison with the Sub County Director of Education and TSC Sub County Director, you are kindly requested to organize their transport from the Sub Counties to the County Head Quarters by the use of the cheapest public means. Each individual will be expected to meet their travel costs.” Says Knec CEO Dr. Mercy Karogo by way of a memo to all Deputy County Commissioners (DCCs).

Download your KCSE Marking letter here; KCSE Examiners Portal

From the County Headquarters the Examiners will be issued with distinctive motion passes to Nairobi and back. The County Commissioners will trouble the passes to the Examiners after the latter
producing their Individual National Identity Cards, Invitation letters and Short Messages Service (SMS) obtained from Knec. The Examiners will then be transported to Nairobi for the marking exercise.


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