List of 245 Schools To Benefit From 40m Government Water Project

245 schools in Mwingi Central Sub County are set to benefit from a water catchment project being run by a local Non-Governmental Organization (NGO).

Speaking to the press, Christ Mission to the World Coordinator in Kenya Francis Ogola said the project is registered both in Kenya and South Sudan.

‘Through a partnership with Life Water Canada, we will issue 10,000 litres water tanks to 245 schools across Mwingi Central Sub County.

About 100 schools have received the tanks and mate constructing permanent hand was sinks.” He said. Ogola added that the project started in July 2021 after the realization that the area was in dire need. ‘Through the project, we will solve issues like learners walking for long distances in search of water, school absenteeism, water borne diseases, time wastage, cleanliness and Covid-19,” he added.

Ogola further noted that the two phases of the project are issuance of tanks to harvest water and drilling of boreholes in schools that were issued with water tanks.

He called upon other well-wishers to offer their support to the area which has been facing water shortage.

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