List of 400 Kenyan Politicians Owning Offshore Accounts According To Pandora Papers Released By EACC

The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) has revealed that over 400 Kenyans have accounts offshore. The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission said more than 400 Kenyans have offshore accounts.

According to the EACC, at least 400 state officials have opened such accounts in the past decade.

This was after the 12th Parliament weakened the doctrine, which prohibited public officials from maintaining a bank account outside Kenya.

Greenlight from EACC

Parliament enacted the Leadership and Integrity Act with exemptions that allowed state officials to operate such accounts under the conditions prescribed in the Act, including seeking approval from the EACC.

The Act states that a state official who has “reasonable grounds to open or operate a bank account outside Kenya to apply to the Ethics and Integrity Commission for approval”.

According to the EACC 2017-2018 Annual Report, at least 453 government officials were allowed to own and operate secret accounts since 2012.

In a report file by the Daily Nation during the same period, the commission received applications and processed eight notifications for bank account closures, four of which were executed in the 2017/18 fiscal year.

What is Pandora Papers?

The EACC said it received and approved 15 applications from state authorities for opening or operating bank accounts outside Kenya in the financial year 2017-18.

Once a public official receives the Commission’s green light to operate a foreign account, they are not required to submit annual bank statements to the Commission no later than January 31 of each subsequent year.

Financial expert Mohamed Wehliye Although all government officials who do not comply with these rules, the EACC revealed that it is also investigating 191 public officials operating secret bank accounts abroad. Was.

The commission said that 58 officers have failed to furnish to the commission with their annual bank statements.

Mutua says he once had an offshore account. In a separate story, reported that in 2012 Governor Alfred Mutua admitted to owning offshore accounts before engaging in active politics and vying for the Machakos gubernatorial seat.

Speaking to Citizen TV on Thursday, October 7, Mutua said that he was forced to close all his offshore accounts in accordance with the law. “The Constitution says in section 76(2)(a) that a State Officer shall not maintain a bank account outside Kenya except by an Act of Parliament. So when I was running for the Machakos gubernatorial seat, I closed all my bank accounts abroad,'” Mutua said.

The former spokesman for the Kenyan government said that every Kenyan should be loyal and follow the rules laid down by law

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