List Of Primary School Teachers Deployed By TSC To Teach In High School

The PTE teachers employed by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) have finally started receiving their posting letters.

1000 teachers will be deployed by the commission to teach in secondary schools. Deployed teachers will start from job grade C2 and later graduate to C3 after completion of three years as specified in the career progression guidelines.


“Successful candidates under this category will be appointed on T-Scale 7, Grade C2 under the Career Progression Guidelines for Teachers and posted in secondary schools,” TSC said in an advertisement in July 2021.


In the advertisement, TSC laid emphasis on the following requirements to qualify for promotion and posting in secondary school;


(a) Must be a Kenyan citizen

(b) Be a holder of a bachelor’s degree in education with 2 teaching subjects

(c) Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) or its equivalent in two teaching subjects and have obtained at least a C+ mean grade in C+

(d) Must be serving under Teacher Service Commission



In July 2021, the TSC revised the salaries of teachers as a result of the CBA signed between the commission and teachers’ unions. For C2 teachers, their basic salary ranges between Ksh.34,955- Ksh.43,694. In addition, teachers get benefits ranging from;

I) Commuter Allowance of Ksh.5000

II) Housing Allowance of Ksh.7500

III) Leave Allowance of Ksh.6000, which is paid once a year.

IV) Those living in hardship areas get hardship allowance of Ksh.10,900.


C2 teachers will automatically move to C3, where their prices will range from Ksh.43,154- Ksh.53,943.


TSC is currently facing shortage of teachers. For this more number of teachers need to be trained, especially with the expected roll out of junior primary under the new CBC.


Primary school teachers were automatically promoted after graduation to institutions of higher education. Teachers will receive an acknowledgment letter which will be followed with job group change.


However, this changed in 2014 after TSC discontinued the service plans and adopted Career Progression Guidelines (CPG) for teachers. Many primary teachers are getting acknowledgment but without any promotion.


TSC is currently implementing Teacher Professional Development (TPD) as a way of promoting teachers.

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