List of principals that have been transferred from Kisii County And Their New Stations

A total of 22 Head Teachers have been moved from Kisii County to the neighbouring Nyamira County. This is in line with the Commission’s policy on delocalization. A quick check on those moved shows that all of them are natives of Kisii County.

The Commission kicked off the delocalization exercise in January, 2018. Other massive deployments would then follow in April, August and December of the same year. Though in April, 2019 the Commission slowed down the transfers as only a handful administrators were moved.

Those moved are heads and principals and their deputies serving in their home counties and those who have served in the same station for a long period. Also on the move are new administrators who were appointed after the just concluded interviews. Over 2,00 Principals have been redeployed in the December 2019 exercise.

TSC Chief Executive Officer Dr Nancy Njeri Macharia.
TSC Chief Executive Officer Dr Nancy Njeri Macharia.

Teachers with medical conditions have been spared from the ongoing delocalization exercise. Also spared are teachers aged above 56 years and those set to retire.

Here is the full list of Head Teachers from Kisii County that have been transferred in December 2019;

1Kerama Yobesh NyakundiMosache S.D.A. Primary School261241222S.D.AKisiiKisiiNyamira
2Nyatwanga James OkemwaItongo Primary School234246234SDAKisiiKisiiNyamira
3Omari DenisNyonsia Pri Sch267.28282.22290.59DOKKisiiKisiiNyamira
4Obwoto John ObureOriangi D.o.k Pri Sch244256.78252.78CatholicKisiiKisiiNyamira
5Nyoimbo Francis OmangaIbacho Primary School230.32209.92242.65DEBKisiiKisiiNyamira
6Mbaka Daniel AmenyaNchoro Primary School188.25194.66217.98S.D.AKisiiKisiiNyamira
7Okari Luke NyabutoBombaba Primary School240234237DOKKisiiKisiiNyamira
8Onchiri Stephine MomanyiOtamba Pri Sch192.78185.85184.18DOKKisiiKisiiNyamira
9Kebisa Nicholas ManganaKanyimbo Pri Sch256.4236.85253.57DOKKisiiKisiiNyamira
10Onkoba Richard SominiManywanda ‘B’  D.O.K. Primary School243.02246.27209.28CatholicKisiiKisiiNyamira
11Okemwa Henry NyabutoMarongo Primary School275.6274.36249.86PAGKisiiKisiiNyamira
12Obara Simeon OmbiruRianyabaro Pri Sch249.37230.44257.76D.E.BKisiiKisiiNyamira
13Masankwa Henry MagetoRaisoe Pri Sch202.49175.32184.65DOKKisiiKisiiNyamira
14Osoro GilbertRiabigutu Pri Sch231.25249.04238DEBKisiiKisiiNyamira
15Oino AbelNyagesa Primary School250.7261.58247.3247.3ELCKKisiiKisiiNyamira
16Ontiri Kiefa MosetiItare Deb  Pry233.58204.82233.8PEFAKisiiKisiiNyamira
17Mokaya CharlesRiabamanyi  S.D.A Primary  School238.04266.35345SDAKisiiKisiiNyamira
18Omwocha Mellen KemuntoItumbe Primary School216.64225.96252.39DEBKisiiKisiiNyamira
19Nyandondi Isaac NyabutoGiosari Primary School275.52297.26308.7DEBKisiiKisiiNyamira
20Nyambane Elkana OichoeKiongeti D.E.B Primary School216.47222.13250.86DEBKisiiKisiiNyamira
21Makori Kenneth Machuki F.Orogare Primary School272.88268.98278.35DOKKisiiKisiiNyamira
22Mose Enock AnaraKeberesi Primary School284.26264.52258.83DEBKisiiKisiiNyamira

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