List of top 100 Candidates Nationally And their Schools

During the press briefing, Magoha noted that the overall performance in 2020 improved compared to that of 2019.

The top candidate, Mumo Faith Kawi scored 433 compared to 440 marks scored by the best 2019 candidate.

1,179,182 million candidates sat the KCPE exam between March 22 and March 24, 2021. 590,450 candidates of the KCPE 2020 were boys representing (50.07%) and 588,742 were girls representing (49.93%).

The administration of KCPE 2021 examinations was done in a unique manner bearing in mind that the world was facing the Covid-19 pandemic and Kenya’s school calendar was destructed.

“It is the first time that we are releasing results of KCPE in April. And it’s the first time we release the results when our country is busy managing the effects and spread of Covid-19,” Magoha stated.

Further, he stated that the results were commendable and congratulated the teachers for their outstanding work.

He added that all the students would transition to secondary school, adding that form one selection would take place on May 28, 2021.
The CS stated that students from needy backgrounds would give 9000 scholarships from students in needy backgrounds.

Below is a list of top 100 candidates in 2020 KCPE with the marks scored,schools,counties and region 

PosName of CandidateMarksSchool NameCountyRegion
1Mumo Faith433Kari MwailuMakueniEastern
2Wesonga Nanzala432Chogoria GirlsTharaka NithiEastern
3Muriithi Gakena432Maseno Girls BoardingKisumuNyanza
4Wanyonyi Samwel431Nzoia Sugar CompanyBungomaWestern
5Castro Williams431Crystal Hill AcademyKerichoRift Valley
6Tarus Chepkemboi431St. Mathews SeptonokNandi CountyRift Valley
7Kipkirui Abiud430Lessos Hills AdventistNandi CountyRift Valley
8Mwangi Margret429Karatina DEBNyeri CountyCentral
9Bernice Omondi429Nairobi Primary SchoolNairobiNairobi
10Kiogora Joy429Chogoria GirlsTharaka NithiEastern
11Daniel Mboya428Crystal Hill AcademyKerichoRift Valley
12Njenga Lowell428Emmanuel Springs AcademyMakueniEastern
13Jeff Mutugi428Fred’s AcademyMeruEastern
14Polycup Kiyondi428Ober BoysHoma BayNyanza
15Debrah Zawadi428Emmanuel Springs AcademyMakueniEastern
16Amwoma Griffins427Eronge Adventist BoardingNyamiraNyanza
17KWOBA BLAIR OKUKU425Booker AcademyKakamegaWestern
18Matagaro Anthony423Eronge Adventist BoardingNyamiraNyanza
19Deborah Joash422Eronge Adventist BoardingNyamiraNyanza
20CHEPKOECH CHELSEA422Booker AcademyKakamegaWestern
22ORLANDO PEARL SARAH419Booker AcademyKakamegaWestern
23Emmanuel Carson417Eronge Adventist BoardingNyamiraNyanza
24OUMA GLORIA MICHELLE417Booker AcademyKakamegaWestern
25Mong’are Sophine416Eronge Adventist BoardingNyamiraNyanza
26Mariga Ann415Eronge Adventist BoardingNyamiraNyanza
27Thomas Ruth415Eronge Adventist BoardingNyamiraNyanza
28Ogeto Carolyn414Eronge Adventist BoardingNyamiraNyanza
29WISDOM DANIEL ODHIAMBO414Booker AcademyKakamegaWestern
30ATWOLI LOUIS OYONDI414Booker AcademyKakamegaWestern
31Omae Victor413Eronge Adventist BoardingNyamiraNyanza
32PRINCES JUDY NYAMORI413Booker AcademyKakamegaWestern
33ARIF MOHAMMED IQBAL ANTULAY413Booker AcademyKakamegaWestern
34Wisdom Christopher412Mudasa AcademyVihigaWestern
35Mudonge Emmanuel Chahenza412Moses Mudavadi PrimaryVihigaWestern
36Moraa Nelly412Eronge Adventist BoardingNyamiraNyanza
39Kirwa Carren Cheptum411Noiwet Primary SchoolBaringoRift Valley
40Onguru Marion Akoth411MM Shah primary SchoolKisumuNyanza
41Kiptui Michelle Cheruto411White Star Academy lang’ataNairobiNairobi
42Newton Odongo411Moses Mudavadi PrimaryVihigaWestern
43Osoro Joan411Eronge Adventist BoardingNyamiraNyanza
44Mchana Walter410White Star Academy lang’ataNairobiNairobi
45Mayar Deng Ariech410St. Mary Assumption PrimaryWest PokotRift Valley
46Sharrifa Keyla Atieno410MM Shah primary SchoolKisumuNyanza
47Sean Okoth Griffins410MM Shah primary SchoolKisumuNyanza
48Ruby Awuoro410Nairobi Primary SchoolNairobiNairobi
49Crystal Obare410Nairobi Primary SchoolNairobiNairobi
50Gilan Lenengwesi410Nairobi Primary SchoolNairobiNairobi
51Abigael Asaji410Mudasa AcademyVihigaWestern
52Opiyo Mellisa Chenziz410Shofco Kiberia SchoolNairobiNairobi
53Opondo Michelle Nawire410Shofco Kiberia SchoolNairobiNairobi
54Esutsa Sandra Muhambi410Moses Mudavadi PrimaryVihigaWestern
55Shammah Samie Otiende410Moses Mudavadi PrimaryVihigaWestern
56Orenga Dwyne Mogire410Moses Mudavadi PrimaryVihigaWestern
47WASIKE GRIFFIN VVAFULA410Booker AcademyKakamegaWestern
48KEMUMA MICHELLE410Booker AcademyKakamegaWestern
59Lesley Khalayi409Mudasa AcademyVihigaWestern
60William Njenga409Bethlehem AcademyKiambuCentral
61Osieko Bleccy409St. Augustine PreparatoryMombasaCoast
62Ray Ogutu409Nairobi Primary SchoolNairobiNairobi
63Ann Nekesa409St. Petroc Premier SchoolEmbuEastern
64Angoyia Adrian Asala409White Star Academy lang’ataNairobiNairobi
65Lenox Adika409Moses Mudavadi PrimaryVihigaWestern
67SHARLET EASTER OPONDO409Booker AcademyKakamegaWestern
68MUKONJERO DELVIN OBUKOSIA409Booker AcademyKakamegaWestern
69AMANYA LEEZA OTTARO409Booker AcademyKakamegaWestern
70Lang’at Dione Chepchirchir408White Star Academy lang’ataNairobiNairobi
71Sadolyne Mariatta408White Star Academy MachakosMachakosEastern
72Kariithi Phylis Nyaguthii408PCEA Ng’enda Mixed BoardingKiambuCentral
73Abib Zeraphat408Mudasa AcademyVihigaWestern
74Victoria Wangara408White Star Academy MachakosMachakosEastern
75Cindy Kwamboka408Brighton SchoolNairobiNairobi
76Oyigo Orgine Madedekana408Moses Mudavadi PrimaryVihigaWestern
77Elvis Mahagwa408Moses Mudavadi PrimaryVihigaWestern
78David Mwanzia408Moses Mudavadi PrimaryVihigaWestern
79Apondi Kate408Eronge Adventist BoardingNyamiraNyanza
80Morara Vallerie408Eronge Adventist BoardingNyamiraNyanza
81Sam Paris Ndaka407Tenri Primaray SchoolEmbuEastern
82Brian Kang’ethe407Tenri Primaray SchoolEmbuEastern
83Melisa Wangare407Eldoret Premier AcademyUasin GishuRift Valley
84Terry Auma407Mudasa AcademyVihigaWestern
85Ken Kipng’eno407Mudasa AcademyVihigaWestern
86Pascal Lawrence407Mudasa AcademyVihigaWestern
87Daisy Aymar Angwenyi407Maseno Girls BoardingKisumuNyanza
88Khayumbi Damian Malala407MM Shah primary SchoolKisumuNyanza
89Ummikultoum Achieng’407White Star Academy MachakosMachakosEastern
90Carmen Maganga407Brighton SchoolNairobiNairobi
91Onsombi Inrahim407Eronge Adventist BoardingNyamiraNyanza
92okengo Esther407Eronge Adventist BoardingNyamiraNyanza
93Becky Mwangeci406White Star Academy MachakosMachakosEastern
94Noelle Nafula Kinyulusi406Juja Preparatory SchoolKiambuCentral
95Evans Mungai406Bethlehem AcademyKiambuCentral
96Karuga Mark Moses406Bethlehem AcademyKiambuCentral
97Audrey Akinyi406Mudasa AcademyVihigaWestern
98Moses Wanda406Mudasa AcademyVihigaWestern
99Charles Nyakako406Mudasa AcademyVihigaWestern
100Evra Okal406MM Shah primary SchoolKisumuNyanza

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