List of University Courses That Have Been Banned By The Government

Diploma and Certificate Program are slowly becoming a dead stock in universities across the country following the reviews made on diploma and certificate courses to be studied by students in the colleges.

All Universities should focus on degree courses and research, as the middle-level technical colleges absorb the large number of students persuing diplomas and Certificate courses.This is according to the Education Cabinet Secretary in charge of the ministry of education ,prof George Magoha.

This plan throws a big blow to both private and public universities since it has translated to sudden collapse of Module two(2) courses under diploma and certificate courses that used to generate much revenue.

The diploma programs have also served as by pass by many students who fail to qualify for university placement .

This could also translate to firing of hundreds of lecturers who are hired to teach diploma and certificate courses.

The ministry’s proposal suggests that most universities have been engaging in illegalities in which the diplomas they offer in most cases miss approval by relevant learning institutions.

The Commission for University Education- under University Act-is mandated with powers of approving courses to be taught in the above institutions , as the CUE also is limited to approval of courses at undergraduate ,post graduate and doctorate degree courses.

Diploma and Certificate courses are accredited by the Technical and Vocational Training Authority.

In the year 2018, Kenya National Qualifications Authority had released a clear warning that diploma and certificate programs offered by universities were not at all recognized.

Director-general ,Juma Mukhwana equally reported that some universities had introduced diploma programmes that were not part its list of the registered courses.

Mukhwana further warned that certificate and diploma courses offered in universities are in most cases rejected in the outside countries.

The UASUC secretary-general Constantine Wesongab added that if the fully implemented will be serve as a great reform that aligns institutions with their pure mandate.

Wasonga further added that universities are purely meant to train on problem solving and critical thinking through research, which is the the main reason why the institutions were developed .


Furthermore Wasonga added that it is high time for institutions to specialise and focus on key areas.

Therefore all concerned stakeholders should consider giving proper guidelines in order to avoid disadvantaging of students as the 2020/ 2021 Kcse group is waiting for the placement results.

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