This are the largest animals on earth despite them living in the ocean in a mass of water, they can weigh more than 200 tons and stretch up to 100 feet long.

They have the loudest call of sound in the animal kingdom that measures up to 188 Decibels.

Their sound is powerful and loud enough to over pose the jack hammers sounds and plane engines.

They use their sounds to communicate freely with others.

The sounds of this whales are recorded miles away and they are still heard thus 500 miles away.

Their sounds trembles the waves in the ocean.

Their life span is 80 to 90 years.

The human ear cannot bear the sound of the whale considering its vocals that are so loud and powerful than a plane’s engine.

The sperm whale produces sound that’s worth250 decibels though they don’t last long enough they are powerful and are heard up to 10 miles away.


  1. LION

The Lion is a species in the family felidae, A Carnivore that lives in the jungle. It has Muscular, a deep chested body, a circular head and ears.

The Lion Roars up to 110 Decibels that makes it stand out as a wild cat and King of the jungle.

Its roaring sound it produces though it lasting for a minute, it travels up to a distance of 5 miles away reaching a large number.

They roar to communicate their current location to other prides thus a sound that runs to up to 8km away and also scare off their Rivals.

The Loud Roar is more especially meant to mark Territory at times when their prides are close called “Intimidated Roar”.

The volume is all to do with the lion’s larynx it has a square and flat vocal cords that allow them to respond easily to air that’s passing by thus the impact is more loud when they open their mouth to roar as the effort is not worthy it.



This are the largest existing living land animals, they have three species.

They are well known for the loudest sound produced from trumpeting.

Their sounds may differ depending on their situation thus anger, fear and even excitement.

They produce sound worthy up to 117 decibels at ago.

Their Rumbles can be so loud and they are meant to warn others thus their species.

Their Rumbling voice can go up to 6 miles away and if it chances you are close them you will shake off and remain still because it hits like thunder.

Elephants can shorten or lengthen their vocal cords depending on their situation and their sound frequencies.



This is one of the two species of the elephant, they are ear free mostly found on the pacific ocean to the east side that is.

Their name is derived from their great heavy size, they are black in color and their diet mostly is fish and at times sharks also

They produce sound that is 125 decibels high that can be heard miles off their area.

Their sounds are kind of a rhythm that they only understand and use it in communicating freely amongst themselves.

They can also use the sound produced by their mates to determine the strength they have by just listening to the sound produced.


 They are filiform carnivore mammals of the family with four species.

They are well known for their strange vocalization sound they produce a sound that travels up to 112 decibels.

They are the noisiest creatures that use their loud sound in communicating and hunting.

They have a laugh like laughs that they make depending on the intensity of their laugh depends their current social status.

Hyenas also laugh something that adds up to their sound for one if maybe they have spotted a meal or seen enemies.


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