Magoha And How CBC Classes Will Be Constructed In Phases

The government plans to construct more than 10,000 classrooms ahead of transition of learners from primary to junior secondary schools in 2023.


On 20th October 2021,President Uhuru Kenyatta directed the National Treasury to set aside Sh8.1 Billion for the project to support the primary to secondary school shift in the Competence-Based Curriculum (CBC).


“Ministry of Education, jointly with Ministry of Interior and the National Treasury, shall establish a framework for the construction of the over 10,000 classrooms needed to provide the additional learning space required for the one million new students set to join junior secondary,” said Uhuru in his Mashujaa Day speech.


According to a circular from Education Cabinet Secretary Prof George Magoha ,the national treasury has availed ksh4 Billion to the Ministry of Education to commence the first phase of the CBC school infrastructure development programme.

“The ksh4 Billion from national treasury and 1.2Billon from the Ministry’s of Education infrastructure fund, will be spent on construction of 6,500 classrooms in 6,371 secondary schools across the country” Magoha said


Magoha indicated that a multi agency team comprising of the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of lnterior and Coordination of national government and other state agencies has developed a roadmap of implementation of the project.


The CBC infrastructure development programme is being implemented under the kenya economic stimulus package using local contractors with the vicinity of the secondary schools to tap local skills and enhance economic opportunities.


All contractors had till November 12,2021 to register with the deputy county commissioners of the respective sub counties at NO COST.


With the completion of the registration exercise, the sub county implementation Committees will notify all local contractors to bid for the construction of the classrooms in schools in their respective sub conties as from Monday 22 November ,2021.


Cs Magoha gave an assurance that the infrastructural developments by the government are geared towards supporting 100% transition policy.


“The government is on course to progressively expand the capacities of all our secondary schools to support the 100% transition policy and accommodate more learners in 2023 when the CBC grade 6 candidates of 2022 will transit to junior secondary school” stated Magoha.


Prof Magoha urged all stakeholders, Including elected leaders, parents, teachers and philanthropists to keep on supporting the government in it’s commitment to expand infrastructures in learning Institutions across the country.

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