Magoha And Matiang’i Finally Yields To Corporal Punishment In Schools

Due to increased cases of unrest in schools due to indiscipline characters of learners, the government through the ministry of education announced today that it has plans to reintroduce corporal punishment in schools.

speaking today as reported by citizen Tv, after the recent cases of burning school e.g Maranda, Taranganya to state a few, CS Matiang’i and CS Magoha have really expressed their anger to the learners who have been involving themselves in torching school dormitories. “We are trying to build and increase the infrastructure in schools for our learners but the students keep burning them down, This is not the bad character,” CS Matiang’i said.

He further said that learner have really lacked morals that they used to have in the past. All learners who will be found guilty will have to face the law without having mercy that he or she a minor. To emphasize the need for caning, CS Matiang’i, added in humorous reference to the African proverb; “spare the rod and spoil the child”

CS Matiang’i further advised teachers not to fear anything in instilling punishment to learners due to children’s’ rights law fear. He further stated that teachers should not subscribe to those and prepare to punish learners whenever a mistake arises.

CS Magoha also supported the interior CS by highlighting that they are panning to have a meeting with the responsible stake holders to make the reintroduction of corporal punishment to schools. “We cant watch students destroying our schools without us doing anything” Matiangi further added

Most of citizens have felt that only the corporal punishment introduction would curb the situation and advised the ministry of education hasten the move. CS Magoha together with Matiangi have assured kenyans that corporal punishment will be introduced as first as they can

Last month, Educationist Kennedy Echesa said that the re-introducing of corporal punishment may be a timely solution to countering the unrest in schools.

Speaking Wednesday on Citizen TV’s Day Break show, Echesa said the Ministry and Teachers Service Commission (TSC) should restore power to teachers to instill discipline in schools.

“It is time to relax our legislative and policy framework and involve teachers in disciplining learners reasonably without getting repercussions from the Ministry and TSC,” Echesa said.

He defended his proposal saying that the current state of education is “guarding children like eggs then releasing them to the society only to face corporal punishment throughout their lifetime.”

To emphasize the need for caning, Echesa, in a humorous reference to the African proverb; “spare the rod and spoil the child,” stated: “Intelligence of an African child is in the buttocks. If you don’t deal with them then they are going to grow into very useless persons.”

His argument was based on the fact that if the term corporal punishment is interpreted to ease the intensity as stipulated in the law, it would serve its purpose and not cause harm.

“A few slaps, a few strokes of cane to Form Ones and Form Fours is not corporal punishment,” he explained.

Janet Ouko, the CEC for Education in Nairobi County, disapproved of Echesa’s argument saying that the law prohibits teachers from caning learners. She, however, told off parents who advocate for children to be caned yet they do not take the same action at home.

She called upon parents to be responsible for their own children’s discipline.

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