Mama Diamond (Mama Dangote) posts Diamond’s dad, says Mzee Abdul is not the Real Dad.

The hatred that has recently cropped up between Diamond’s Dad mzee Abdul has shown the two parties fume at each other. Lately, Mzee Abdul said that even if he days today, Diamond should stress himself with burying him. This comes after Diamond refused to help his dad while he was sick. Diamond abandoned him till date. But early last year it was witnessed that Diamond reconciled with the dad and they were all together including mama Dangote. Its clear why diamond all of a sudden had to change tune and abandon the dad for the second round considering the fact that the duo have been antagonists earlier on before their reconciliation.

Mama Dangote yesterday took it to social media and clarified that Abdul is not Diamond’s Dad and went ahead to post the real father to diamond. Biological brother to Diamond also confirmed Mama Dangote’s words by saying that Abdul is not their biological father.

Diamond was recently trolled by netizens for not taking care of his biological dad mzee  Abdul. Its clear that Diamond’s mother is not different from her son as she is also controversial like her son Simba who is always making headlines because of his scandalous temperament.  The mother is now on the headlines for revealing who the real father to diamond is.

The mother took to her Instagram page and posted a man who she claims is the biological father to the wasafi Records label CEO, who goes by the name Salim Idi Nyange. The brother to Diamond, Ricardo Momo also confirmed during a live interview that Abdul is not Diamond’s biological father.

Courtesy of Mama Dangote, instagram account

This act of mama Dangote has sparked more questions than answers as the netizens are wondering why they have kept the man behind the curtains for all this long is for sure he is the biological father to the bongo star. Many people have expressed discontentment with the information that mama Dangote has revealed to them and some are saying that this is a shame to her son to the public and making herself look like she was a hoe.

When the photo of the singer and Abdul emerged while in a matatu, Mama Dangote scathingly reacted to that photo. A netizen who commented on her photo that she shared and the comment show that she was not pleased how people perceived her son when a picture emerged of Abdul carrying a sack into the public vehicle and the mother claimed that Abdul had an older son than Diamond who can help him and wondered why the focus was on her son alone.

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