Maranda Boys High School 2020 KCSE Results and Grade Distribution

This school is located in Siaya County. The school is a National boys school that has always maintained a high profile in performance and not only in the region but also Nationally.

In the just released results KCSE 2020, the school has registered high performance in the region with best students Nationally emanating from the school.

The school had registered a candidature of 453 which is slightly lower than the previous year 2019 with a candidature of 705. In the 2019 KCSE results, the school performed well nationally and in the region. From this candidature, the school managed to score a mean score of 9.7634 which translates to a B+ (Plus).

The school managed to send 425 students to university having scored the minimum university entry grade of C+ and above. Going by the registered candidature, this performance translates to 93.82% transition to the university.

Out of the total number of As Nationally, the school contributed 48 straight As while 142 students managed to score A- (Minus). Out of the total candidature, only one student missed the results.

Grade Distribution For Maranda High School

Grade Distribution For Maranda High School

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