Marketable Diploma Courses In Kenya

Are you looking for the best and marketable diploma courses in Kenya? You are now in the right place

Today, we’ve listed 10 Diploma guides which might be presently marketable in Kenya as of 2020. All you want is a D- and above, and you could pursue them. Apart from being marketable, additionally they provide abilities for entrepreneurship, which maximum diploma graduates lack.

Here are Most Marketable Diploma Courses in Kenya

1. Diploma in Accounting and Finance

The company international will usually want accountants and monetary specialists. It isn’t anyt any surprise that those guides are the maximum prominent degree publications in Kenya. Colleges just like the Kenya Institute of Management provide extraordinary degree guides in Accounting and Finance.

2. Diploma in Nursing

This is a path this is in excessive call for seeing that there may be a big call for for nurses in Kenya and across the international. There has usually been a scarcity of nurses in public hospitals because the authorities appears for the degree to cut down this.

Kenya Medical Training College is understood for the first-class degree guides in Nursing in Kenya.

3. Diploma in Procurement and Supply Chain

Have you ever dreamt of being a key decision-maker in an organization? Welcome to the sphere of procurement. It is one of the fastest-developing professions, therefore making it to the pinnacle marketable degree publications in Kenya.

4. Diploma in Communication and Journalism

The global will by no means run out of verbal exchange specialists. These are the actual drivers of the economic system and boom in industries. Decisions they make are critical to the survival of any company. In this virtual era, many agencies are recruiting social media professionals and those who’ve a draw close of on-line marketing. The mantle is going to verbal exchange guys.

You can observe a communique degree at Daystar University, Kenya Institute of Management, USIU or the University of Nairobi, amongst others.

5. Diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation/ Project Management

It is the various pinnacle marketable degree publications in Kenya because it prepares people who can control information and examine it, behavior studies and layout projects. Most folks who look at this degree route become operating for NGOs.

You can observe Project Management at Kenya Institute of Management, Moi University, AMREF, JKUAT and Maseno University.

6. Diploma in Quantity Survey

This is one of the maximum marketable degree guides that Kenyans are but to embrace. And you simplest require a C or C- to enrol. With the actual property enterprise developing at a quick price in Kenya, the call for for amount surveyors keeps to grown. You may be confident that you may land a activity when you are carried out together along with your degree direction.

The fine locations to look at a degree in amount survey are University of Nairobi, JKUAT and Moi University.

7. Diploma in Information Technology (IT)

With technological boom, comes IT professionals. Companies will usually require a person to address all their IT paintings creating a degree in IT very marketable in Kenya. If you’ve got got constantly had a element for sciences, that is the great direction you could pursue.

You can observe a degree in IT at Moi University, UoN, JKUAT and Institute of Advanced Technology (IAT).

8. Diploma in Customer Service/ Front Office

Though it’s far taken into consideration the maximum flooded profession, the fact is that there’ll usually be a call for for consumer care marketers and those who can guy the the front office. Companies like Safaricom, Star Times amongst others are constantly hiring customer support people. The high-quality schools to sign up for a degree in Customer Service/ Front Office consist of NIBS, Daystar University, KIMC, USIU and Technical University of Mombasa.

9. Diploma in Engineering

Though it’s miles taken into consideration one of the toughest guides to pursue in Kenya, it’s also the various pinnacle marketable. According to Ms. Ndegwa, the maximum marketable degree publications in engineering are mechanical, electric and civil.

The first-class universities that provide diplomas in Engineering are JKUA, UON, Moi University and the Technical University of Kenya.

10. Diploma in Business Management

Finally, one of the maximum marketable degree guides in Kenya. Like customer support, it’s far taken into consideration flooded, however that is some distance from the reality. It nevertheless stays a marketable direction that everyone can pursue.

You can take a look at a degree in enterprise control at Kenya Institute of Management, Moi University, amongst others.

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