Ministry of Education: Form One Joining Dates and How to Download Admission Letters

The ministry of Education has released the 2021 form one admission dates. The reporting dates will only last for five days according to the guidelines from the ministry of education.

A total of 1,187,517 form ones will report between 19th and 23rd July, 2021. Incidentally, other learners will be on recess since the 2021 academic year starts on 26th July, 2021.

Learners who may be satisfied to schools where they would be placed will have a one month window to apply for change of placement.

The Ministry has set the review period to be from the 20th June to 20th July, 2021 Application for change of placement will be done online and would only be possible if vacancies would still exist in the ‘preferred schools.

The CS said the Ministry of Education had carried out an audit of all the available vacancies in both public and private schools, but he did not disclose how many they were.

The selection exercise, which will be done on May 28, 2021, will place candidates in their schools of choice. However, the CS, while releasing the KCPE results yesterday, said this will be done as per declared spaces in the schools, and the candidate’s performance.

“To ensure all candidates are placed in schools of their choice based on performance and available vacancies, the ministry will ensure the process is credible and of high integrity,” said Magoha.

In February this year, the ministry made changes to the selection of secondary school process in the day school category.

Through a circular, the ministry directed headteachers to ensure that 1.1 million candidates choose secondary day schools that are in their locality where their guardians or parents reside.
“I wish to assure the country that the ministry has conducted an audit of all new and existing vacancies in all our private and public schools to enable us to admit all learners under the free day secondary school programme,” said Magoha.

A total of 1,179,192 candidates sat the 2020 KCPE exam compared to 1,083,456 in 2019.

“We are determined to work with the relevant agencies to ensure no candidate misses a place in secondary school,” said the CS. “In the meantime, I urge all parents and guardians to take good care of our children so that all of them are able to take up their Form One spaces in schools they will be admitted to.”

At the same time, Magoha said there are 9,000 spaces under the Elimu Scholarship Programme sponsored by the Equity Bank, which are for needy children.

“Reports from all our public schools is that all those who benefitted in 2019 are doing exceptionally well,” he added.

The ministry, he said, will soon announce details on the process of application for the scholarships.

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