Moi Forces Academy Lanet KCSE results, Knec code, form one selection, location, contacts

This is the only girls’ school in Subukia High School, in Nakuru district. The school came into operation in 1986 after the former head of state, the second president of the Republic of Kenya, the Honorable Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi and the Board of Directors decided that Moi Forces Academy Nairobi should cease to be a center of learning. This is where they moved the girls from Moi Forces Academy Nairobi to Lanet, splitting the school sex. Sponsored by the Kenya Defense Forces, most of the students were children of members of the Defense Forces and only a small minority were citizens. In those days, when the school was closed, military trucks would take children home by boat. The school had only three principals, namely Miss Zilphah Omondi (1986-2000), Mrs Cecilia Ng’etich (2001-2005) and Miss Elizabeth N. Njoroge (2006- to date).

The school wrote its first national examination in 1989.

Nominees for the school include Jacqueline Kamonya, a well-known KBC journalist before she went to the provinces and Phyllis Kariuki Magero, who is now an award-winning Wedding Courture Kenya cake winner.

School motto; In power resides knowledge.

Moi Forces Academy Lanet Area;
The school is located near Dundori Road in Lanet area, Lanet area in Bahati section, Subukia district, Nakuru district, Kenya. It has an area of ​​80 hectares. Neighboring schools include Ol Kagaa Planet Secondary, Modern Academy Primary, Navigators Girls secondary, Mereroni Secondary School and Mereroni Primary.

Performance of Moi Forces Academy Lanet KCSE;
The school is known for excelling at home and national examinations. At the 2017 KCSE, the school produced the third best student nationally in the KSE results, Julie Munyui. The school also ranked 88th nationally in the KCSE with 65.96 points.

Selection of Moi Forces Academy Lanet form one;
Here, the choice of one form is often made with academic merit in relation to the KCPE exam. Students with high results and who have chosen a school as the first choice are given more priority than others. Students are also selected on a need basis based on the financial basis of the parents.

Contacts for Moi Forces Academy Lanet;
KNEC school code; 27500007
The postal address of the school; P.O. Box 1238- 20100, Nakuru.
Phone / mobile number; 020 2130435.

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