Mr. Matiang’i Takes early Retirement From the Teachers Union

Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut) Treasurer John Matiangi has retired prematurely after serving seven years.

He took over from Mr Albanus Muthisia as national treasurer in 2015 and removed him from office for one year after replacing Mr Richard Kibagendi who retired as national Treasurer’s assistant after 60 years in office.

Prior to his election to national office, Mr Matiang’i was secretary general of the Borabu branch, which he took up in 2008.

On Friday morning, Mr Matiang’i reassured the Nation by telephone that he had, in effect, opted out of active union politics to “focus on personal and family issues while discussing a new technological trail,”

“Today with the support of my family, I would like to announce my retirement voluntarily as Knut’s treasurer and stand at this stage in my professional life,” said Mr Matiang’i.

“I have never intentionally skipped work. I love my job. It is a great blessing to be able to say that, ”said Mr Matiang’i in a statement on his colleagues.

Mr Matiang’i said, “While I was faced with the task of serving the community, I have sacrificed my self-sacrifice which I have fallen into and now I must repay it,”

He said he was taking leave to complete his studies at the University of Nairobi which he had forgotten about due to the demands of his job.

“To put it bluntly, this is not a decision to resign; it is a temporary but necessary break to allow me to take my journey and map out the next stage. Even though I am from Knut, I remain committed to my role as a public servant, ”said Mr Matiang’i.

Mr Wilson Sossion, secretary general of Knut, on behalf of the National Executive Council (NEC) has received a letter of retirement from Mr Matiang’i who became the first national office to take this step in the history of the union.

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