Netizens Have Throlled Betty Kyallo on Social Media Concerning Her Dressing.

Check out reactions from Netizens concerning Betty's dress code.

Betty Kyallo is a news anchor and a celebrity in that case. This means that every Kenyan is keeping an eye on every step she takes. She has been in the headlines for both good and bad reasons all wrapped in one.

As we are celebrating Christmas in this festive season, Kyallo has taken to social media a photo taken with her mum. The netizens as obvious have not lacked a reason to criticize her.

Betty on the other side has been sharing posts on social media for purposes of attracting the attention of her fans so that they can remain intact with her. At some point, some posts are deliberate and they tend to spike mixed reactions from her followers.

Kyallo today has posted pictures on social media with her beautiful mom with the caption “my mom is a Gift”.

This has thrown the social media into a frenzy with netizens perceiving the photo from a different perspective and highlight any make that they think is uncouth in the socialite.

Betty Kyallo and Her Mum

From the reactions some have congratulated her for a good example she has set of keeping the family intact and making sure that she celebrates with them during this festive season. Betty says always that it’s family that can not turn against you, and therefore she has to celebrate it with all her might.

On the other side, some fans to her head-on to advise her to dress nicely like her mom to avoid embarrassment like the other recent photo that caused a stir online.

Some fans are not impressed with the way Betty dresses. She always dresses in very short and skimpy dresses that tend to expose her other side of the body. Therefore some funds have indicated some displeasure on her and are calling on her to dress nicely as her mother does.

But at the same time, Betty does this intentionally in order to keep herself relevant in the industry and make her fans to be glued to her always when she needs them.

But at the same time, we appreciate the fact that Betty is beautiful as a diamond and there is no doubt about that. This makes the netizens to make a thorough scrutiny of her life and all that pertains to her.

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