New Form One Selection To Disadvantage Those who scored Below 350 marks

The Department of Education has introduced a new formula for selecting placement of 1,179,182 in high school who sat for the KCPE exams between March 22 and March 24, 2021.

The department will conduct only one selection and selection process this year compared to previous exercises which resulted in a process with parents and candidates selecting their preferred schools during the second round of voting.

The new formula will greatly affect students who scored less than 350 marks who usually enter their favorite schools during the second election.

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According to the department of education, 8,091 students obtained more than 400 marks and above and 282,090 received between 300 and 399 marks.

Cabinet Secretary for Education George Magoha has confirmed that the new system will ensure that students have the right opportunity to secure top places in the desired national and regional schools.

“We are looking for a program that will select the best brains from the Kiandutu informal settlement in Thika and transfer them to Alliance Girls High School,” said Magoha.

The nomination process for one form is often influenced by eligibility, the choice of candidates for the election, the regional balance, and the act of consent that allows the candidate to run in the constituencies.

The regional balance helps students who have entered their districts or sub-districts to have the opportunity to stay in national schools.

When the KCPE results for the 2020 grade 20 were released on Thursday, April 15, Magoha expressed confidence that there would be a 100 percent change for all high school entrants.

He also announced that the government would provide 9,000 bursaries to students from poor communities.

“I would like to reassure the country that the Department has already audited all new and existing vacancies in all our private and public schools so that we can accommodate all students under the Free Day Secondary Education program.

“We are committed to working with relevant stakeholders to ensure that no one enters high school,” he said.

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