New TSC Official Score sheet For July 2021 Recruitment; New Intern Marks

According to the score sheet, an evidence of internship will enable a teacher seeking recruitment to score a whooping 30 marks. This is an increase from 10 marks used to be awarded for interns seeking employment.

Since intern teachers are in two categories, senior and junior, the commission has decided to award senior interns with 30 marks and junior interns with 10 marks. This is meant create a difference between them as senior interns have run their contract for quite sometime and is almost coming to an end.

Awarding of 30 marks to senior intern teachers is literally making this programme almost compulsory, that without it, no chance of employment. Initially, when the programme was introduced by the commission, unemployed teachers gave it a wide berth.

At the same time, teachers who score second class upper and second class lower will be awarded the same marks for the quality of the certificate. Here is how marks for

Additionally, diploma holders will now compete favourable with degree holders after the teachers’ employer levelised their score sheet. Here is how marks for level and quality of the certificate will be awarded for both diploma and degree holders:

Degree (BED)
First class 40
Second Class Upper 35
Second Class Lower 35
Pass 30
Evidence for intern

Senior interns   30

Junior interns

Degree + PGDE or BSC+PGDE



First class 40
Second Class Upper 35
Second Class Lower 35
Pass 30
Diploma + Dip Tech Education
Distinction 40
Credit 20
Pass 15
Diploma in Education
Distinction 40
Credit 35
Pass 30
Maximum Score 40

Another scoring area that has been improved is the length of stay since graduation. From the just released score sheet, duration of stay since graduation will not to matter so much as it used to be. This will undoubtedly end the tradition of those teachers who seek employment in other sectors first only for them to think of TSC recruitment few years later.

Here is how marks for length of stay since graduation will be awarded;

2015 and Before 25
2016 20
2017 15
2018 10
2019 and After 5


Finally, five marks have been set aside for communication ability, co-curricular certificate of participation, academic performance of learners for the last three years and evidence of special talent.

In most cases this area is very crucial when it comes to breaking of ties.

Communication Ability 2
Participation in Co-curricular activities 1
Students’ academic performance(Exam Record for last three years) 1
Special Talent(s) 1

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