Newly employed teachers to receive their posting letters

The Teachers Service Commission is an independent body under Dr. Nancy Macharia who is the CEO and has all the powers to serve the interests of the teachers.

The Commission is responsible for:

1. Recruitment
2. publicity and
3. Teachers’ remuneration.

Apart from this it is also responsible for the welfare of teachers across the country apart from many other rules.

How To Fill TSC Employment Form, 2021
July 29, 2021
After last month recruitment the commission managed to employ 5000 applicants after a series of interviews to pick the best. Because Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has confirmed to the public that by the end of August it will start issuing posting letters to new recruits at their new work stations. This new recruitment is scheduled to report by 1st September 2021.

After reporting to their new stations, recruits are expected to immediately sign their casualties and submit them to the Teachers’ Service Commission as confirmation that they have accepted the employment offer.

Also note that the commission expects new employees to report to work within 30 days of their casualties. Meanwhile, new professionals will have to wait for at least 2-3 months for their salary to be processed.

During the first six months of employment, they will be subject to probation, a period set aside for the professionalism of the new employee. During this observation period, they will be expected to perform their duties diligently or else they will face possible termination or revocation of the employment offer.

The commission has also informed that it is working on a plan to recruit more teachers on internship as well as teachers soon to prevent shortage of teachers.

In addition, prospective recruits will also be posted shortly after employment so that they can start working at their new stations.

The plan to employ more teachers is a hope for the teachers who are not employed, as they may be able to get permanent employment through this.

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