Newly Promoted TSC Teachers’ Salaries Will Shock You; A big Thanks To TSC

The secrecy of the teacher service commission led by CEO Dr Nancy macharia who doubles as secretary of the commission is accused of implementing TSC principles.

The commission aimed to promote teachers as part of CBA 2017 whose full implementation will end in June this year.

As a result, more than 16000 educators have been promoted to various management positions under the CPGs.

Many of these teachers have already received their letters explaining the terms of their new partnership with the TSC following additional activities.

Those who benefited the most from teachers in the C3 work group were transferred to C4 or master IV. In all, they have secured 6680 vacancies nationwide.

Senior master happens to be the entry grade into administration of high schools. To be eligible for this position, a person must have been in the C3 or L for more than three years.

Some of the new responsibilities include assisting school administrators in ensuring that the curriculum is implemented in accordance with the specifications of the Minister of Education.


New jobs and responsibilities will obviously come with the following salaries based on the current CBA 2017.

Salary of teachers in various grades

The basic salary will be between ksh 52,308-65,385 from the previous grade of 43,154-53,943 while they were in group C3 as shown below.

Some of the biggest harvesters are 1341  deputy principals I who belong to group D3 and another 1,096 deputy principals II, under work group D2.
Also completed after the interviews were 39 Senior Lecturers, who belong to the D2 work group.
The other beneficiaries of this promotion are 1,590 Deputy Principal III, who are in working group D1, 209 Support Officers  and 2,111 principals, who are in work group C5.

Also considered in the promotion bonanza are 1,756 Deputy Principal II. Some of the 45 Senior Lecturers and 350 Masters, under the C4 work group also benefited.

Everyone in the bank smiles at their colleagues as the curtains fall on the current CBA which has brought many changes in the teaching profession.

Now focus on the changes to the class teacher who got an online contract in CBA. Whether the commission will come up with a pro-teacher CBA will depend on the availability of funds by the exchequer.

A large number of class teachers under TSC pay and insufficient funds have been the scapegoat for the rejection of appropriate salary increases.

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