No Salary Pay Rise For Civil Servants as Union Talks With Employer Fails

Teachers could miss out on the much-anticipated over the next five years as their employer opens talks on Tuesday over a new salary agreement.

The Teachers ‘Service Commission has issued a decision not to allow any increase in teachers’ salaries in the public sector in the opinion of advice from the Salaries and Remuneration Commission.

“The SRC has advised that it will not review the basic structures of salaries, allowances and benefits paid to public entities for the 2021/2020 – 2022/2023 financial year,” said TSC chief executive Nancy Macharia.

In line with the SRC mandate, the TSC sought to negotiate other parts of the CBA while maintaining the current salary levels.

The proposal was addressed to the unions as negotiations for a Collective Bargaining Agreement for 2021-2025 began.

However, the Kenya National Union of Teachers and the Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers have rejected the TSC award in negotiations, noting that it did not include any financial benefits in the CBA.

“Kuppet is reluctant to please the CBA without financial benefits,” Kuppet general secretary Akelo Misori said in a statement.

Misori said the union wanted a pay rise to strengthen teachers’ fight against inflation and increased workloads under the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC).

He confirmed the dissatisfaction with the TSC’s opposing offer in the 2021-2025 Aggaining Aggaining Agreement.

“Given the significant differences in the salaries of various entities in the CBA which expires in 2016-2021, coupled with inflation in the country, this is the time to review teachers’ salaries,” the statement said.

TSC Suggestions

Kuppet in a statement called the content of the recommendations by the TSC as a very small improvement in the working conditions of teachers.

This, according to Kuppet, includes the extension of maternity leave from 90 days to 120 days.

The commission also recommended that the promotion of posts in arid and semi-arid areas be expedited.

It will include the newly approved pre-adoption leave of the parents who are examining the adoption to reunite with their children.

“After the end of the CBA now tomorrow, the Kuppet National Executive Council will meet within seven days, to discuss funding and provide guidance to our members,” the statement said.

Knut’s newly-appointed secretary-general Collins Oyuu also said the proposal was ridiculous.

Earlier this month, SRC chairperson Lyn Mengich issued a statement indicating that they were still in the process of negotiating the CBA negotiations and that the commission was considering submissions made by the TSC regarding teachers’ salary review proposals.

Union officials, however, said there was still uncertainty ahead of the National Treasury’s failure to include teacher salaries in the budget increase.

Treasury allocates more than Sh588 billion to the Department of Education in the budget for the 2021/2020 financial year, no funds allocated to fund the CBA for 2021-2026.

The current CBA will expire on June 30

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